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My little-big furball of joy

For the wag of a tail, and a bark of a hello,

to no friend would I ever go–

To whisper my fears and lick my tears.

To run, and to jump, and to twirl all around,

there’s no better friend, that I have ever found

-Karen Monaghan

There are very few things in this world that can compete with an animal’s love and loyalty to people who care for them. In my case, a dog. A dog is the best friend a person could ever ask for is a saying that most of us are pretty familiar with. It makes its appearance pretty much everywhere from stories to write-ups, movies, and whatnot. But none realizes the magnitude and truth to this saying until they have experienced the love and affection of a dog. Our canine friends have a very significant impact on anyone that crosses their path for long enough. To some, they are their instant serotonin boosters whereas to some they act as saviors. Now, one could think that the latter is an exaggeration. But to others, being rescued by wet licks and being lifted up from the deep mental or whatsoever abyss by holding a paw would sound like a pretty sane and plausible occurence. I belong to the latter category.

On November 5th, 2020, my little furball entered my life carrying an infinite supply of sunshine and rainbows and everything pure in his tiny little heart. My first ever glimpse of him was as he emerged from his little red basket, being a tiny labrador puppy of just 35 days. And that is how Hugo entered my life. The entire scene of his arrival is imprinted in my memory with all of its glorious but mundane details. The way he took in the new surrounding as he blinked his squinty little eyes adjusting to the light, the way he spared no time in exploring(read strutting around) his new home but above most, the way he just belonged and just fit in all of our life. Looking back, it is hard to imagine a time that we like to call ”Pre-Hugo”. It sounds as absurd an idea to me as the earth being flat or time waiting around for us.

Sometimes my lips get stuck on my teef🎶🎶
Handsome boy

Must protect hoomans from pigeons

Smiley baby

Distinguished gentleman
My favorite crazy lil fella

Hugo’s arrival saved me in many ways. Before his arrival, I was dealing with a severe phase of depression and anxiety. This is to no way imply that he magically cured me but at the same time, it would be a shame to ignore the valiant efforts of my little furball. Be it gifting me his toys when I am down or even just a fleeting kiss that he plants on my cheek while he licks away my tears. All his small acts connected together formed a rope of hope and light that leads me out and prevents me from drowning in my own issues. In all honesty, I had tried to finally get myself a pet dog in the pretext of a birthday gift for my mother, but in reality I found myself a best friend to play with, a cuddle buddy, a constant attention seeker who whines and paws at me if he is ignored for a little while, my therapist and my everything. But the astonishing part is I, a self proclaimed impatient and hot tempered person, give in to his antics every time with a smile on my face. He made me a much more compassionate person and just made me more perceptive to life. Fast forward to two years later and I type this on my laptop while attending university far from home. My entire being aches with how much I miss him. The memory of his shenanigans and mischief never fail to bring a smile to my face. So as I type this with an almost physical ache to hold him, I count my days till I get to hug my best friend again. People have different rewards at the end of the dark, lonely and frankly depressing tunnels that we come across in life. However, it all seems a little worth it when we bask in the light in the end. The light at the end of my tunnel was a four legged fur-ball wagging his tail and demanding more treats.

And that would bring me to the end of my little tribute to my not so little ball of sunshine.


9 responses to “My little-big furball of joy”

  1. Woooohhh🥺🥺😍

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  2. Awwwww🥺🥺🥺
    Loved this makes me miss him even more 😩

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    1. Very beautifully written. Loved this piece. ❤️ Waiting for many more

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  3. Yet again a wonderfully written piece. Keep going to many more

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  4. Beautiful bond glued with unquestioning love.
    Keep writing
    Best wishes

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    1. Thank you so much 🥰


  5. Priya Hari Shankar Avatar
    Priya Hari Shankar

    Very well articulated write up. The emotional bonding with the pet touches the heart. Keep up the good work and continue to pen down your thoughts.


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